Cosmetic Eyelid Surgery

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Cosmetic Eyelid Surgery

What is Eyelid Surgery (Blepharoplasty)?

Many patients approach an ophthalmic specialist with concern that their eyes appear tired or droopy even when they know they are well rested.  This condition is commonly caused by aging and sun related changes that impact the eyelid.  Dr. Wei Patch of the Ophthalmic Associates of the Southern tier performs a procedure for patients in Binghamton, NY  that can correct this tired look.  Also known as Blepharoplasty, the simple procedure can correct this tired look and provide patients with the more uplifted look they were in search of.

Achieving a Natural Look

The goal of upper eyelid blepharoplasty is to remove the extra skin on the upper eyelid along with fatty pockets that may have been contributing the tired appearance of the patient.  Dr. Wei Patch knows that it is important to address fatty pockets carefully as over addressing these areas can cause an unnatural look post-surgery.   By utilizing specialized techniques and equipment, Dr. Wei Patch performs the procedure in a manner that reduces swelling and bruising so the patient can return to social activity in weeks or in some cases just a few days after completion.

Lower Eyelid Surgery

Unlike upper eyelid surgery, the tired appearance of the lower eyelid is a complex combination of the fatty tissue of the lower eyelid which often gets pushed out with age.  The fatty tissue of the cheek and upper part of the cheek bone often contribute to the tired look.  The result of this interaction are shadows that are cast on the lower eyelid, giving the appearance of dark circles under the eye.  Dr. Wei Patch can correct this look through the use of several specialized techniques that are customized to the degree of puffiness and the patients desired outcome.

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