Eye Socket (Orbital) Procedures

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Eye Socket (Orbital) Procedures

Orbital Surgery Procedures

Our surgeons at Ophthalmic Associates of the Southern Tier understand that reconstructive surgery is an important decision to make which can have an immense impact on your quality of life.  They also understand that this is especially true of orbital surgery as your eyes are often the first contact you’ll make with someone new.  Orbital surgery refers to the correction of issues related to bony socket and space behind the eyeball.  The eyes and surrounding tissues are a very personal and delicate part of your body.  The first step our surgeons will take with you will be the process of education and a comprehensive question and answer session during our initial consultation.  We feel that the more you understand the procedures and technology involved, the more comfortable you’ll be in taking the first steps to on your road to a new you.

Orbital Surgery at Ophthalmic Associates of the Southern Tier

It is important to remember that no two eyes are alike which is why each procedure we perform is personalized and tailored to the needs of each patient.  Our highly trained surgeons will take time with you to understand your goals and will aim to maintain quality of vision and restore a natural look that will give you a renewed sense of confidence.

Orbital Procedures

With the addition of Dr. Wei Patch to the team of surgeons at Ophthalmic Associates of the Southern Tier, we can now offer cutting-edge orbital procedures to our patients.

Orbital Tumors

Orbital tumors are tumors that occur in an around eye tissues and can often be extremely painful and result in loss of vision.  Eye tumors often call for urgent care and our experienced surgeons offer comprehensive medical treatment to help diagnose an orbital tumor, treat the condition, perform the surgery, and provide aftercare.  We have a history of excellent patient outcomes due to our innovative surgical techniques combined with close physician collaboration.

Graves Disease or Thyroid Disease

Thyroid disease is an autoimmune disease in which the thyroid produces and extreme amount of hormones.  This results in hyperthyroidism which can cause swollen tissues and eye muscles which make the eyes appear to bulge out of their sockets. In the cases of more advanced stages of thyroid disease, treatments such as orbital decompression are often necessary.  Recent advancements in the medical management of thyroid eye disease means surgery is often a last-resort option for patients.  Dr. Wei Patch can help you navigate viable alternatives to surgery such as orbital decompression.

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The best step you can take to achieving your desired results if you battle with an orbital abnormality is to schedule an appointment with Dr. Wei Patch and the team at Ophthalmic Associates of the Southern Tier today.  You’ll get a comprehensive analysis along with a plan of action to work towards achieving your desired results.  Fill out the form on this page or call (607) 729-5016 to schedule your consultation.

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